2018 Phoenix Rising Ticket Prices Announced


2018 Phoenix Rising season ticket prices Courtesy of Phoenix Rising FC

The first season since the re-brand to Phoenix Rising isn’t quite in the books but it’s never too early to look ahead to 2018. Especially if you are trying to sell tickets, and sell Major League Soccer on Phoenix being one of the next expansion candidates (remember, two teams are being selected by the end of this year).

If you are a season ticket holder, emails started going out this week with the announced prices for next year. The prices, which include parking, have gone up slightly. This is to be expected when a product is in demand. And Phoenix Rising is a hot ticket. According to reddit user phat7deuce PRFC are averaging 6,277 fans per game. That’s 77 more people than there are seats. That’s good for sixth best in the United Soccer League (USL) and a 327 percent increase over Arizona United’s attendance in 2016.

Let’s get to the 2018 prices. The 2017 prices are in parenthesis.

  • Supporters Section – $12/$240 ($10/$160)
  • Sections 101, 107, 108, 114 – $15/$300 ($15/$240)
  • Sections 102, 106, 109, 113 – $22/$440 ($20/$320)
  • Sections 103, 105, 110, 112 – $30/$600 ($30/$480)
  • Sections 104, 111 – $40/800 ($35/$560)
  • Suites – $85/$1,700
  • Field Seats – $100/$2000 (New in 2018)

You may notice the math is a bit funky. Two things worth noting.

The first thing is the USL is extending their season in 2018 with the addition of several expansion clubs in Las Vegas, Nashville and Fresno. In 2018 every team will play 34 games over a 31-week season, up from 32 games in 2017. So that’s 17 home games instead of 16.

That obviously leaves a gap of three games (as the graphic above states 20 games are in the price). The team hasn’t officially announced what those games are but they could be friendlies, Open Cup (though there would be no assurances of hosting), preseason or something else entirely. My assumption is if they are charging for them, they’ll definitely announce something when everything is in place, but there will be bonus games beyond the regular season.

Also included in the emails for season ticket holders was a list of benefits for renewing, including: free parking, a bobblehead, bring-a-friend vouchers (I was offered free tickets to this past Wednesday’s game, so probably something like that), MLS priority number, a signed team photo and a price freeze on Supporters’ Section tickets (as the graphic notes below, prices are subject to change) among other things.


The team is also upping their “Refer-a-Friend” game. The new Referral Program includes a free scarf (perfect for the desert), a pre-game field pass experience, an autographed mini ball, a team signed jersey and an intriguing USL Road Trip Experience.


As you can see above, the early bird deadline is just a week away. New season ticket sales will start on October 1st and season ticket holders will start selecting seats on November 11th. Individual ticket sales will be at a date yet to be determined.

We here at Firebird Rising will have more info once it’s available but if you are a season ticket holder, there seems to be no reason to delay in getting those tickets renewed.